Obamacare: Government Decided and Government Provided.

by Barbara Samuells

In 2014 your healthcare will change.
Your doctors and hospitals are all planning changes right now to comply with the PPACA
(Obamacare) so they can remain in business.

Did you know that in 2011 your W-2 will have to include the value of employer provided healthcare benefits?  Not taxed…yet.

Did you know millions of low income Seniors, income under about $20,000 per couple,will be forced onto Medicaid?

Did you know that 17% of hospitals may close due to PPACA (Obamacare) per the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)?

Did you know a physician shortage of 63,000 doctors is estimated by 2015 as doctors retire and move into other medical roles to escape PPACA?

Did you know that all insurance companies will provide only those treatments approved by the Secretary of HHS or the company will be OUT of the insurance exchange and OUT of business?

Did you know what happens in your doctor’s office no longer stays there? Your medical history, procedures, medications, conditions, will be available to your dentist, therapist, any medical professional treating you and various government workers overseeing the database.

Did you knowthat in 2011 cuts to Medicare home health care are denying basic services such as home health care,  physical therapy and home health aides?

Did you know that in 2012 Medicare cuts to
dialysis treatments begin?

Did you know that in 2012 cuts to Medicare Hospice

Did you know in 2014 government IPAB begins
submitting proposals to cut Medicare?

Did you know in 2014 the government will impose
tax on nearly all private health insurance plans.

Did you know in 2017 all physicians must use pay-for-quality
programs where your doctors receive more for following government treatment
guides and are penalized if they do not?

Did you know that doctors are now combining into
large medical centers so they can comply with the complex mandates and stay in

Did you know Obamacare relies on ACO’s (remember
HMO’s?) to take care of us as our “medical home” where we can be tracked and
provided ONLY THAT CARE the government’s Independent Payment Advisory Board
determines should be given?

Any of these changes by themselves is detrimental to our healthcare and in combination will destroy America’s healthcare…the finest in the world.  Notice everyone wants to come here for their care.

PPACA (Obamacare) will take away access to healthcare with rationing by waiting.

Just having insurance does no good, if there are no providers because they have been driven out of business by Obamacare.  Americans will be begging for any medical care and this administration would use that crisis to provide government chosen and government trained medicasl staff.
Every facet of your healthcare: Doctor, hospital, dialysis, stents…

              Government Decided and Government Provided.


The courage to cut

Posted: Feb. 9, 2011 | 2:04 a.m.

This year’s insurgent class of freshmen Republican House members were elected in part based on their pledge to reduce federal spending by $100 billion.

The question is whether voters who embraced that pledge really mean it and will stand behind lawmakers who try.

Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a member of the Republican leadership, calls it the “$64,000 question.”

In an Associated Press-CNBC survey last November, shortly after Republicans scored large gains in the midterm elections, 87 percent of those polled said record federal deficits were likely to cause a major economic crisis over the next decade. Nearly as many — 85 percent — said the cost of financing the federal debt would cause problems for their children or grandchildren.

But only a tiny plurality — 47 percent to 46 percent — said spending cuts should be a higher priority than increasing federal spending on schools, health care and “alternative” energy development.

And in a CNN survey last month, those questioned said by an 81-18 margin it was more important to prevent significant cuts to Medicare than to reduce the deficit.

If voters think the federal government can be substantially slashed by taking nail clippers to the Teapot Museum and the Tea Taster’s Board, it’s possible elementary school math teachers are having even less success than we feared.

The trump card of the big spenders is to threaten a government shutdown.

Such “shutdowns” are largely for show, of course. When Speaker Newt Gingrich attempted to cut spending in 1995 — back before the problem was nearly as serious as it is today — President Bill Clinton cleverly closed national parks and monuments to tourists, using the “shutdown” to depict the Republicans as irresponsible radicals.

If Republicans are serious, they should quickly enact legislation declaring that, in the event Democrats threaten another “shutdown,” the IRS is instructed to neither levy nor accept any tax payments for the period of time the government is “shut down,” either then or retroactively.

Paul Ryan speaks out to stop further economic destruction

U.S. House of Representatives – debate on legislation to prevent looming tax increases

Remarks on the House floor by Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-01) 
Senior Member of the House Ways and Means Committee; Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee
December 16, 2010

Let me address just a few of the issues that I have been hearing here on the floor. I’m hearing some of my colleagues from the other side of the aisle saying “We just can’t afford these tax cuts.”  Only in Washington is not raising taxes on people considered a “tax cut”. What we’re talking about here is not cutting taxes; we’re talking about keeping taxes where they are and preventing tax increases.

Second point: “We – meaning the government – can’t afford this?” Whose money is this after all? Is all the money that is made in America Washington’s money, government’s money? Or is it the people’s money who earned it? I hear all this talk about the death tax, the estate tax: “This is going to give a windfall to these people. All this money going to these privileged people who have built these businesses, made all this money.” It’s their money!  We have a country built on equal, natural rights, where you can make the most of your life, get up, work hard, take risks, become successful, create jobs, grow businesses, earn success – and yes, pass it on to your kids. What on earth is wrong with that? That’s the American dream.

To my friends on my side of the aisle, who simply do not like some of the spending in this bill: I do not like it either.  Let’s cut the spending next year when were in charge.  There is junk in the tax code, everybody agrees with this.  This is advancing some of the junk in the tax code and what I say to my friends on the other side of the aisle next year: let’s get rid of the junk in the tax code when we are in charge.  Right now – let’s not hit the American people with a massive tax increase.

If we want to get this debt under control, if we want to get our deficit going down, there are two things we need to be doing: we need to cut spending and we need to grow the economy. We need prosperity in the country. We need job creation. We need people going from collecting unemployment to having a job and paying taxes.

Is this a growth package? No, it’s not a growth package.  It’s only a two year extension [of current tax rates].  We’re not talking about a pro-growth economic package.  We’re talking about preventing a destructive economic package from being inflicted on the American people in about two weeks. The last thing you want to do is put more uncertainty in the economy, hit the economy with a huge tax increase, trigger a stock market sell-off and lose jobs. So do we want to make these permanent?  You bet we do and that is exactly what we are going to be advancing.

We need economic growth. We need spending cuts. That’s exactly what we intend on doing, and I think that’s exactly the message that voters sent us.  Let’s prevent this tax increase from happening. Let’s clean up the stuff we don’t like in this bill next year.  Let’s make sure that when people go home for Christmas, they know that they are not going to have a massive tax increase a few days later.

 This is a bill that is necessary to prevent our economy from getting worse.  This is not a bill that is going to turn it around. Next year, let’s pass the policies that will turn our economy around.

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