Disabling the Electoral College before 2012 Election?

What a challenging debate Americans are having!  The National Popular Vote Compact, NPVC, is the talk of state capitals from Columbus, OH, to Albany, NY, to Austin, TX.  Our state legislators are casting critical votes to change our electoral process and, of course, we the people have an important voice in it all. No wonder we insist on being highly engaged in this decision. From American history we know our elec

Obama Immune to 2012 Defeat? Thank George Soros.

The Progressives, in their determination to neuter the Constitution and negate the protections built therein by the Founding Fathers, are seeking to strip out a vital provision: The Electoral College.  As James Madison explains in Federalist #10, America’s Constitutional Republic with democratic forms is designed to protect individual rights and minority opinions from a tyranny of the majority, possible in a
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