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Cheap Natural Gas Heralds an Energy Revolution

by S Fred Singer All  bets are off for the future of energy in the United States and, indeed, the  world, as the price of natural gas plummets to ever-lower values — thanks to  the development of technology that can access gas and liquids trapped in  hitherto inaccessible shale rocks.  In 2011, shale gas accounted for a  quarter of U.S. natural gas production.  But this seemingly bright future  may de

Our view: ‘Fracking’ with care holds key to energy future

Little more than a decade ago, the United States was running so low on natural gas that companies were making plans to cover the shortfall with imports of liquefied natural gas. Today, though, the marine terminals built to dock huge LNG ships in Texas, Louisiana and Maryland are being converted to ship gas out, not just bring it in. OPPOSING VIEW: Ban fracking now This remarkable reversal of fortune is the resu
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