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We Can’t Bail Out College Students

Who paid off your college loans for you?  Even more likely, how long did you and your parents save to put you through college?  Did you have take classes at nights and work or take care of your children during the day so you could afford your education? OWS demonstrators are complaining they are burdened with big loans..and want all loans forgiven.  Of course that would mean that the 53% of Americans paying taxe

Taking A ‘Path To Prosperity’ Or Low Road To ’12 Election

by Jeffrey H. Anderson On Sunday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan laid out the gist of his strikingly bold budgetary proposal. On Tuesday, he released his well-conceived plan in its entirety. On the day in between, President Obama launched his re-election campaign. Whether Obama acted consciously in doing so, he seemed to sense — rightly — that this was the moment. For the release of Ryan’s p


By James Soviero The city of Los Angeles got 111 million dollars in stimulus money. The influx of cash “created or saved” 55 jobs. That would average out to $2,000,000 for every person either not fired, or hired. The city controller, Wendy Greuel said, “With our local unemployment rate over 12% we need to do a better job cutting red tape and putting Angelenos back to work.” The Democrats took full control o

Rating The Deficit Panel’s Dramatic Entitlement Reforms

Amidst cries of foul on the part of Democratic leaders – including Nancy Pelosi and union boss Richard Trumka – deficit commission co-chairs Erskine Bowles and former Senator Alan Simpson have floated a trial balloon on reforms designed to help bring the national debt under control. While the co-chairs address a number of issues ranging from taxes to government defense to entitlement programs, let’s take a lo
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