A Moral Dilemma

by Dr. John Smyth The year was 1915. Harry Dorfman just arrived from Warsaw; uneducated, penniless and unable to read or write any English at all. He found a place to live in a lower eastside tenement and took the only job he could find, driving a team of horses over the newly-built Brooklyn bridge to the farms in this outer borough and delivering each morning a wagon-load of milk, destined for the ever expanding J

The Whole Truth About Obamcare From American Docs 4 Truth

by Saa Noble There is a new site called American Docs 4 Truth. They are real doctors who are very concerned about the effects Obamacare will have on seniors. Obamacare has already taken half a trillion out of the program and the worst of it is the death panels in the form of IPAB (Independent Patient Advisory Board). IPAB is a board to be appointed by the President and it will have no congressional oversight or con

Don’t Forget Obamacare

by James C. Capretta Obamacare’s individual mandate—requiring that all Americans purchase government-approved health insurance beginning in 2014—has always been the law’s most vulnerable provision. It is incredibly unpopular, and not just among conservatives. Polls consistently show that a large majority of the electorate opposes it, including a good portion of registered Democrats. It is not hard to see wh
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