One fact of a long life is that some of us Super Seniors will have limited mobility or be isolated by health problems or the need to care for a spouse child or grandchild. Still, the current issues of healthcare, the economy, education and jobs for our family members are a daily concern. Add to these, the changes in our country paraded before our eyes on TV, newspapers and the internet and from our homes and we are determined to take action and be heard.

The power of each 912 Super Senior comes from our knowledge and experience with human nature and life’s challenges. Our most basic use of our power is to vote! Seniors 65 and over are reliable voters. We will get to the polls if humanly possible. Otherwise, voting by absentee ballot gets easier each year. A family member, neighbor or caregiver will help secure our absentee ballot if necessary. Each of us Seniors can start conversations with our adult children about issues in our national character and hard lessons from history of overreaching and destructive governments.

We can engage grandchildren with memories of our childhood where our own parents taught and lived their religious beliefs and behaved with honesty, courage, personal responsibility, and respect for others. We can ask our grandchildren to tell us what they are learning in school and listen closely to the opinions they are forming. We can ask them about their friends and interests and favorite activities. All of which help us catch potential problems for our grandchildren while deepening a cherished connection with them.

We can remember that, as with our children, the grandchildren hear what we say, store it somewhere in their hearts and minds, and are influenced by it either now or ten or thirty years from now.

Outside our immediate family, we Super Seniors have friends and neighbors and, perhaps, caregivers with whom we can open discussions about the issues that concern us and affect them and their families as well.

If we go a step further from our immediate contacts, we have our phone to connect us to our local, state and federal elected officials. A call during an election campaign or about some other issue will be at least, noted as a constituent in favor of or opposed to a certain issue. A family member or internet connected friend can provide the phone numbers we need.Most politicians depend on volunteers to make voter calls leading up to elections. With a list of phone numbers and a written script from the campaign office, we Seniors make thousands of these calls.

Seniors who have internet access and basic or advanced skills can be connected to almost anything. Emails to friends, to politicians and to and from lists of like minded citizens keep us as informed as we have the time to be. Basic internet searches provide multiple sources of information on any person, event or issue. We Super Seniors can connect with groups like the many 912 groups and Tea Party groups in America.

We can connect through this site with happenings in 912 Super Senior groups around the country.And, of great importance, we internet connected Seniors can reach out to those Super Seniors who are not connected. We can provide information and support on issues and events and even guide those who wish to classes where they can become computer literate.