The first 912 Super Seniors group meetings are structured around a simple and flexible agenda. With so many experienced and knowledgeable seniors in these groups, a basic framework facilitates discussions and knowledge management. Meeting formats will develop as the group develops.

Here is one sample agenda:

912 Super Seniors Basic Meeting Agenda

Planning Well Before

Verify capacity of room; parking situation; request American flag or bring your own; check on time limits, restroom locations, and temperature control for room.  Check on availability of microphone, projector, black board, white board, podium or speaker’s table. Make “912 Super Seniors” sign for reception desk and/or outside meeting room as needed.


Just Before Meeting

Have building or room key and chalk or markers.  Have a contact person or phone number for the facility.  Have a flag in room for Pledge and signs leading to the room and on door. Have two or three sign in sheets with pens for each and blank name tags and markers (at other end of table from sign-in to give people more room)

Start of Meeting

Welcome attendees and introduce self and other leaders at meeting; Ask Veterans present to stand and be acknowledged. Proceed to Pledge of Allegiance then have one of the leaders follow with a quote from one of America’s founders, or Ronald Reagan or Martin Luther King, etc. Many meetings include a prayer or inspiration also.

Review Previous Meeting

Remind of major issues or topics from last meeting; announce any new happenings or alerts since last meeting; if any member was to follow up on any issue form last meeting, call on them;

Introduce Guest Speaker, or if no Guest Speaker…

Open for discussion of any of the Core Concerns chosen by the group: Healthcare…Unemployment, Homeland Security, Immigration, Taxes, etc.  Attendees  will have seen and heard news items to discuss. Have a list of three recent happenings to get discussion started, if necessary.

Cover Any Local Issues

Proposed new taxes, new capital purchases, new hiring, etc.  Any actions to be taken?

Election Races

Discuss races local to the group, as well as state and national races and candidates as the group desires. Any actions to be taken as individuals or a group?

Close with reminder of next meeting date.

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