Group Founders

The founding of a group is an exciting challenge and wonderful opportunity to make a difference. We can all be encouraged by the number of Seniors who have stepped forward to be the founder of a new 912 Super Seniors group.

To help Seniors connect with each other we advise each  founder to sign up for a new email account with a free email provider like or This new email account will keep your personal email address private, and organize all 912 Super Seniors emails in this new email account.

Many Seniors do not use email and so phone numbers exchanged become important.  It has worked well to have Seniors who are connected by email volunteer to make a call or two when meetings are announced.  That way no one falls outside the loop.

Leaders Group

The effort necessary to found and establish a group is time consuming.  The work involved is made easier and the success of your group enhanced by identifying your “Leaders Group” or “Founders Group” early in the process.

Those who were enthusiastic early on, offered to help, will come to pre-meeting planning sessions, keep track of attendance records, lead the pledge, get handouts copied, suggest content for meetings…help with some or all of these… should be invited to be part of the Leaders Group. You may have two or three leaders or more depending on the size of your group.

The Leaders Group should meet at least once before each meeting and have definite roles in the running of each meeting. A group can decide to have different leaders run all or part of each meeting, depending on the Leader’s interests and abilities. The Leaders Group meetings provide planning for procedures and content at the upcoming meeting. The longer term goals and objectives as developed by the membership, can be formalized by this group.

A leader who has a specific interest or skill may want to head up and organize that activity for the group.

Leaders Group members attending general meetings should be introduced as such as part of the opening of the meeting. Quickly, members realize they can contact and depend on more than just one person to know about the issues, activities and specifics of the group. Should the main founder be unavailable, the group will have the Leaders Group as a broad base to step in for whatever is needed.

Members of the Leaders Group will change as your group grows and changes. Some will be a part of the group for a long time and some may come and go in a matter of months.

Ronald Reagan had a plaque on his desk which read:

“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

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