Meeting Content

After the standard opening to the meeting, the content particular to each meeting is the heart of the gathering.

The content will be determined by the interests and issues of each group. Certain topics are basic concerns of the 912 Super Seniors. For example, the goals of “Educate”, “Empower” and “Act” apply to:

  • Protecting our healthcare industry and good healthcare practices for Seniors and all Americans;
  • Preserving the assets and financial security which result from our hard work and responsible planning, and insure we will not be a burden to our children;
  • Insuring the freedoms and rights of America will be passed on to the generations who follow us;
  • Actively providing quality education for our children, grandchildren and all of America’s future citizens.

The topics for each meeting should include those issues most urgent for the members. These will become apparent in the first few meetings and will change as the group develops and the politicians create new and ever more “helpful” laws, regulations and policies.

A visit to some of the links in “The Reading Room” here will bring current developments on the above issues. An article or two can be printed and copied for distribution at the meeting.

Remember that some Seniors, more or fewer depending on the particular group, have no access to the internet. When planning the meeting, the need to provide and print resource and content information for members will always be an important consideration.

Our members should leave with pertinent valuable information on topics discussed. Whether that is articles, phone numbers, addresses, etc. or, for those who have internet access, a list of links, will be unique to each group.

Seniors will be going out to read and think about what is being discussed and printed material helps with that. Good handouts also empower Seniors to discuss and share issue information with their neighbors and friends.

As groups develop and send us emails with feedback on their meetings, we can share specific content with you in the newsletter.

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