Working with other Americans who share your concerns and values is amazingly reassuring and empowering.  Founding or finding a 912 group is like coming to a gathering of old friends who will soon become your new friends.  Here on this site the tab “Form a Group” gives step by step help to begin a 912 Super Seniors group in your area. 

Or, to locate an established group near you:

  1. Go to the 912 Project site
  2. Enter your zip code and find groups near you
  3. If there are no established groups near you, contact your 912 Project state representative

We 912 Super Seniors are effective working within our own groups and as members of other 912 groups. We can bring the concerns and projects from the 912 Super Seniors website and newsletters to the 912 group.

Our emphasis on educate, empower and act for and with other Seniors benefits the work of all groups and all ages.

When Seniors strive to preserve America’s exceptional healthcare, strengthen our economy and preserve our freedoms, we are serving all generations.