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On 9-11-2011 Will You Offer Remembrance and Comfort?

What will you do? The 912 Super Seniors and The 912 Project are reaching out to 912’ers and to all Patriot groups across our nation.  We ask that you become part of what will be a massive display of America’s unity in acts of remembrance and tribute to our fellow Americans whose lives ended without warning or fault on 9-11-2011. So beginning now, and over the coming twelve months, we challenge each gr

Obamacare: Government Decided and Government Provided.

by Barbara Samuells In 2014 your healthcare will change. Your doctors and hospitals are all planning changes right now to comply with the PPACA (Obamacare) so they can remain in business. Did you know that in 2011 your W-2 will have to include the value of employer provided healthcare benefits?  Not taxed…yet. Did you know millions of low income Seniors, income under about $20,000 per couple,will be forced onto

The Language and the Look of Obamacare

Any new situation requires learning and understanding and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  (PPACA) calls for a class in terminology and structure. The new vocabulary includes, but is not limited to: ACO’s:  AccountableCare Organizations will be the government’s preferred and encouraged provider of Senior healthcare.  Picture a combination of an HMO and Department of Motor Vehicles…take a num

Telling Healthcare Like It Is

Healthcare, as we know it, is going, going and will soon be gone. Your husband needs bypass surgery but three of the four surgeons near him refuse Medicare patients so he will go on a waiting list. Your wife is recovering from a broken hip but no home healthcare is provided to help her transition back to functioning independently. You are battling heartburn and must wait 3-7 weeks to see a gastroenterologist. A ped

Survey Results are Here: The COLA Project

Since Glenn Beck asked for help from the 912 Super Seniors and As A Mom, hundreds of shoppers have been tracking food prices. With the first four weeks of reporting completed, we are on our way to finding the 1.3% food inflation our government reports or, just possibly, some other conclusion. See the results of 912 Super Seniors COLA Project: Groceries …

The COLA Project: Groceries. Seniors stepping up to help.

On his show on Monday, Nov 15, Glenn Beck spoke about what is happening with the inflation of the cost of America’s food. Glenn asked 912SuperSeniors.org and AsAMom.org to help gather data on the increasing grocery prices around the country. No sooner had the request been spoken than Seniors began signing up by the dozens on this site to gather the data needed. Your generous offer of time and attention to this

912 Super Seniors Groups Coming To You!

The emails are coming in and more Seniors are visiting the “Join a Group” page on this site and sending their first name, city, state and zip code to be linked with a 912 Super Seniors group. You will receive an email from us as to what groups are closest to your location. As we read through the hundreds of  emails we are hearing from Seniors in so many states.  The states of FL, AZ, NY, GA, MD, I

You Will Be Making the News

This part of our website is reserved for news of the development of 912 Super Seniors groups. Your determination and your actions will provide this news. Dozens of you have received our welcome and information emails in response to your interest in founding a new group. We are dedicated to providing whatever support and connections you need along the way.   Founding a new group is a challenge and an exciting adve
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