Educate, Advocate and Empower Seniors to Preserve Americas Liberties

By Barbara Samuells, Founder

Feb. 24, 2014


The 912 Project has empowered me and changed my priorities, understanding and passions.  If family members are having trouble getting my attention, they may resort to the phrase, “Glenn Beck wants you to….”   But this change is not so muc h about Glenn Beck, but about the 912 Project’s principles and values which enable liberty to thrive.

Five years ago as I watched the denial of the citizens’ voices in the determination to force changes in the healthcare for every American. I knew this was not politics as usual and followed that voice inside that said I must do something!  At the same time I heard Glenn assuring Americans who saw their freedoms under attack, that we are not alone and should come together to support each other and our country through groups initiated as part of the 912 Project.

With the help of the leaders of the South Florida 912 project I called the first meeting of a new group, 912 Super Seniors, which now reaches out to Seniors across the country with information and inspiration tailored to them.  Seniors are a critical resource of knowledge, experience and love of country.

As Glenn said when I spoke about 912 Super Seniors on his show at Fox, we need that resource more than ever today.   Samuels Adams said, “If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin”.

As soon as that Glenn Beck show aired and our website flashed on the screen, hundreds of emails began rolling in as did thousands of visits to our website.

Soon after that I was up to my ears tracking the increasing prices of the most basic food staples  because, at Glenn’s request, Super Seniors went to their local grocery stores and recorded prices on a list of commonly used items.  From their data the actual increase in tracking of grocery prices was far different from the data provided by government agencies.

NOTE: From January 31, 2010 when the Super Seniors began recording prices on a list of commonly used items, to January 31, 2014, the increase in prices is a budget busting 26.8%.

The birth of the 912 Super Seniors as part of the 912 Project, brought wonderful new friends and lead to my involvement in educating about our liberties in an effort to preserve them.  I’ve learned that Americans cherish their freedoms but are not always aware that a freedom is being “eased” away from them.

Glenn often advised listening to that little voice inside of you and following it…I know now that voice was inspiration, and not only from Glenn Beck. In January, 2012, a mandate from  the HHS, directly denied 1st amendment freedom of conscience to all Americans by denying it to Americans whose deeply held religious beliefs lead them to oppose abortion and the public funding of abortions.

I knew immediately that my own work to preserve America’s liberty must focus on the restoration and preservation of that first freedom, the freedom of religion, for all Americans of all faiths.

The executive committee of Super Seniors here in NY is a group where each person has become a leader in research, education and community service in preserving Constitutional freedoms.  We come together to support each other and share information as well.  Members are leading in multiple areas such as Agenda 21, Common Core, Second Amendment, Religious Liberty, and Common Law Grand Jury.

As our service project marking the 5th anniversary of the  912 Project we chose an educational effort for 1st amendment religious freedom.  In response to two recent instances of denial of religious liberty in local school districts, the 912 Super Seniors will be bringing materials from Liberty Institute and Gateways to Better Education to educate administrators and School Board Presidents in many Long Island school districts about the religious freedom rights of students in our public schools.

The 912 Super Seniors website is now being redesigned by Greg McNiece, Director of 912 Super Seniors, in preparation for the 5th anniversary so that even more pertinent information can be easily accessed.

The values and principles of the 912 project and the 912’ers dedicated to them are making positive contributions to our country and our future.  I am proud and privileged to be one part of such a force for the good of all.