Barbara Samuells


After raising two daughters and celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary, Barbara Samuells was winding down a career as a CPA and college professor and anticipating a peaceful retirement. However, when she heard  the politician’s proposals to fundamentally change our healthcare, and heard she would be “allowed” to keep her doctor, she knew this was not politics as usual. When she heard 535 billion was being cut from Medicare, she knew no one would be able to keep their doctor and Seniors would be the first to suffer.

A dinner table conversation with two favorite Super Seniors, her Mom and Dad, about the uncertainties of this healthcare reform ignited that inner voice for action and she founded the 912 Super Seniors. The 9 principles and 12 values of the 912 Project were familiar lifelong guidelines to the Seniors who came together on April 15, 2009, in the first local Super Seniors group. They shared concerns, questions and information with goals of educating themselves and others and empowering Seniors to act to preserve the freedoms and prosperity of America.

After Barbara spoke on the Glenn Beck show about the 912 Super Seniors, the outpouring of interest pushed the development of the 912 Super Seniors website and the establishment of other local 912 Super Seniors groups

Mary Jo Schroeder


Mary Jo Schroeder retired in 2008 after teaching elementary school for 39 years in a Catholic school in northwest Ohio. She has ten younger siblings, two children of her own and also nine grandchildren, not to mention five step-children, 14 step-grandchildren, and six step-great grandchildren. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, and a master’s degree in education from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. One morning several years ago on his radio show she heard Glenn Beck say that what is happening in our country is not so much about the adults but the children and what kind of world we will leave behind for them. That was all it took! Her involvement and interest in our government and its inner workings began at that point. For Mary Jo, it is all about the children and making sure that their world is as free and as unfettered as hers was as a child.


Greg McNeice

Board Member

Following a 25 year career as a bioengineer in Canada, Greg immigrated to America in 1993 to accept a position in medical research. Following his retirement he became an American citizen in 2001. During his bioengineering career he had the pleasure of living in Providence RI, Santa Monica CA, Galveston TX and Greenville SC. These sojourns gave him the opportunity to live and sample four very different American lifestyles. Having lived and been educated in Canada and Great Britain both socialistic countries, he was able to draw direct comparisons between the pros and cons of these political systems. His choice was like that of many immigrants to America – the land of opportunity and individual liberty. It was not until Glenn Beck left CNN and went to FoxNews did Greg realize the real importance of his chosen citizenship. With four children and eight grandchildren, half in Canada and half in the US his focus turned sharply to the Tea Party and 912 movements. Living now in Estero Florida he is a area representative for 912 SuperSeniors movement, member of Lee912 and the SWFLCitizensAlliance. He is quick to remind others that if they choose to mock or belittle America or to drink that Kool-Aid –  don’t get too close!