by Sara Noble

The U.S. power grid is extremely vulnerable to an attack by an EMP weapon or a solar event.

North Korea claims to have a “Super-EMP” weapon and Iran has tested ballistic missiles in an EMP mode, claiming success. It is believed by our experts that these countries are working in tandem to create such a weapon because their scientists in the field regularly travel back-and-forth between the two countries.

John Holdren and his British counterpart, Joh Beddington, have stated in an oped of 3/10/11 that a solar flare could have catastrophic events. Space weather can affect human safety and economies anywhere in the world, sending blasts of electrically-charged gas from the sun at up to five million miles an hour and it can happen with little warning.

Holdren wrote, “Their impact could be big — on the order of $2 trillion during the first year in the United States alone, with a recovery period of 4 to 10 years.”

While Holdren and Beddington said there was commitment on both sides of the Atlantic to implement the technology fixes to shield our electric grid from such a catastrophe, nothing has happened and they have not evaluated the dangers of solar flares or a nuclear EMP attack.

The governments have chosen to study the lucrative cyber-warfare instead.

The Shield Act would prepare us for an EMP attack or a solar event. Not preparing could lead to the obliteration of our power grid, leaving us helpless before our enemies.

  • It is a public-private partnership, requires no taxpayer money and its purpose is to protect our electrical grid.
  • The Act would require US utilities to harden large transformers and other key elements of the nation’s power.
  • It calls on the federal government to establish protection standards and hardware solutions in concert with industry, and includes a provision for cost recovery should industry incur substantial costs.
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