by Sara Noble

With 100 million people on welfare, we now have nearly one-third of our population on entitlements. This clearly points to a systemic problem in our culture. In no way is there a need for one-third of any country to be on welfare. Unfortunately we now have a President who pushes the welfare state.

Does anyone really believe this is sustainable?

Harry Reid refuses to bring a budget to the floor of the Senate in violation of the law because it would hurt the Democratic chances for re-election if people were awakened to the crisis of debt being created.

“1,164 days have elapsed since Senate Democrats last offered a budget plan for the nation. Since that time, we’ve spent $11 trillion and added $4.7 trillion to the debt. The unemployment rate has now been above 8 percent for 41 consecutive months.

Higher debt leads to slower economic growth. Empirical studies show that high levels of government debt inhibit economic growth by creating uncertainty, displacing needed private investment, and placing upward pressure on interest rates…” [Republican Senate Budget Committee]

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