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“We were once “second to none” in military superiority.  Very soon we may be “second to all”.

“The effects have been immediate and pronounced: nearly 10,000 airmen are being cut; 227 aircraft are being prematurely retired; and critical capability shortfalls are on the rise.”

To suggest we are at a point of no return regarding U.S. military strength would be a gross understatement.  We are standing by, helpless – so it seems – as President Barack Obama plays politics with the entire future of America’s military strength and preparedness.  And it’s all hanging on the President’s insistence on taxing the rich at a higher rate than everyone else.  The so-called class warfare that will seriously damage our defense mechanism no matter who blinks first.

The entire boondoggle is called “Sequestration” and that’s a word you should become immediately familiar with for the sake of our nation’s future.

Mackenzie Eaglen is a resident fellow at the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies. Doug Birkey is head of government affairs for the non-partisan Air Force Association.  Read what they have to say about the perilous position our military finds itself in right this very moment, by clicking right here.

Here’s just a sample:

“A year has passed since Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the Budget Control Act-the legislation mandating sequestration. Funding cuts that once seemed politically remote now loom large for leaders increasingly anxious about the impact $1.2 trillion in automatic budget reductions will have upon their respective districts and states. An estimated two million jobs at risk is a possibility no lawmaker can ignore.

Sequestration threatens the country’s ability to allow those in uniform to do their jobs. To understand what it means in real terms, look at the Air Force. Over the past decade, the service has been hit with numerous cuts and now the 2013 budget risks pushing airmen over the brink. There comes a point when people simply cannot do more with less. Unless Congress passes a sustainable and viable alternative to the Budget Control Act, challenges arising in the Air Force will be mirrored throughout the Army, Navy and Marine Corps — curtailing the number of key policy options upon which our nation’s leaders depend.

“Sequestration threatens the country’s ability to allow those in uniform to do their jobs.” -Mackenzie Eaglen Pentagon Seeks To Tread Water in Asia; Lacks Resources for Pivot

When Defense Secretary Leon Panetta introduced the Pentagon’s new strategic guidance this past January, he said that the country faced a “strategic turning point.”

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