by James Soviero

              While it’s scary that celebrating American exceptionalism and great individual achievement have to be defended at all, it’s worse these two cornerstones of America’s success need to be defended against attack from our very own president.

How can he and others in elected office be so ignorant of common sense economics?

It comes down to answering the basic question, “Who really did build that”?  Somebody must have.  Was it you, a friend or neighbor?  Maybe it was your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, or wife.

Most of us have seen one or more of these folks in our lives  attempt to create a small business.    What nobody’s seen is  President Obama, or, for that matter, many members of his party, take the same leap of faith.

A great deal of their economic bewilderment stems from the fact many politicians have spent much of their adult life, outside the private sector,  either in pursuit of, or in political office.

Fewer still, can honestly say they have invested their own money, blood, sweat and tears into building a genuine small business.

That is the heart of the problem.  These lawmakers have no real world commercial experience and therefore no understanding of actual risk vs. reward economics.  They’ve spent decades writing laws trying to control  a free market environment from which they insulate themselves.

President Obama and like minded, life long, government theorists can’t relate to a person or family willing to risk everything to start a business, because Mr. Obama and forever politicians have  spent years taking their chances…..with other people’s money.

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