by Deane Waldman

Whom  do you want to operate on your heart: a doctor or a bureaucrat?  This  scenario is neither a joke nor an exaggeration.  Two trends happening right  now make it likely that the person who  will provide your health care will have a BA or MBA after his name rather than  “MD” or “RN.”

Trend  1: Losing doctors

Doctors  are increasingly refusing to see government-insured — viz., Medicare —  patients, or leaving medicine altogether.  With our government attacking  our doctors, why should they keep seeing government-insured patients?  And  the word “attack” is truth, not hype.

Imagine  you are a doctor.  You help a sick patient and bill for your services.   The government pays whatever it wants — a small fraction of your bill.   Worse, it continually reduces these payments, now below your cost to stay  in business.  The ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable  [hah!] Health Care Act,  or ObamaCare) spends over $1 trillion on bureaucrats, taking it from doctors,  and thereby reducing patient care.

You  are still the doctor.  You spend your time and energy trying to follow an  ever-increasing number of rules and staying within regulatory compliance,  instead of seeing your patients or thinking about their care.  You  constantly cry, “Please, government!  Stop piling on useless and harmful regulations.  Stop telling me what I  can do and what I cannot.  Stop practicing medicine.  Leave that to  doctors!”

Now  you are a patient.  Though most doctors and nurses do very well for you,  some patients have bad outcomes.  In one second, the same care provider you

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