by Ckarice Feldman

This  week the economic news is so grim even the media’s usual qualifier “unexpected”  is meaningless. We have grown to expect a stagnant economy on the rocks.   Meantime, the Obama campaign is heading into full conman territory, hoping like  the Wizard of Oz that we’ll just pay no attention to the pint sized amateur  behind the curtain pulling the government levers.

Thomas  Lipscomb in a Facebook conversation explains:

The  innate optimism of Americans makes us particularly vulnerable to con men…  consider the Duke and the King from Huckleberry Finn, Melville wrote a whole  book on it called THE CONFIDENCE MAN… and then we have THE MUSIC MAN, John  Edwards, Sweet Daddy Grace, Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson Madow… the list  goes on and on. And yes, we are complicit in our own defrauding… But when the  lights come up and the illusion dies, we ALWAYS blame our codeceiver for the  total fraud…. Now Obama is finding that out,

He  and his troops are fanning out in a 24/7 re-election campaign in which they hope  to draw together a rag tag coalition of former supporters and scare  them  into showing up at the polls to keep him in office.

We  had the Republicans hate women scare for ill-informed women. You know the kind  who don’t understand, for example, that aborting girl children because they are  girls is like, you know, the ultimate sexism.

Now  the pitch is to blacks and anti-capitalists. And those categories proved not  co-extensive.

The  Attorney General headed off to speak to black ministers ostensibly to advise  them of what conduct on the part of the churches is legal. In actuality he   attempted to scare them into concerted action to get out the vote by suggesting  that voter I.D. laws were no more than efforts to deprive blacks of their  “sacred right” to vote.  And when Florida started purging its voting  rolls  of 52,000 deceased voters and 180,000 non-citizens (undoubtedly  aided in election fraud by the ill-considered Voter Motor law), he dashed off a  letter to the Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner demanding the state stop  the clean up.  Christian Herren, chief of the Department of Justice’s  corrupted Civil Right Division, demanded  a pledge the practice would stop. Once again, (as it did respecting Arizona) the  Department of Justice sees its role as precluding states from acting to protect  their citizens and to promote proper function of state  operations.

The  conning of blacks is to be expected, per Lipscomb:

The conmen tend to come from the last   ethnic group still unmelted  in  the barrel… for over a century from the   potato famine to JFK’s  election it  was the Irish who gave us Curley, Daly,   Tammany etc… now  it is the blacks.  Unmelted ethnics tend to want to believe   what is  being dished out by their  OWN, not trusting the wider America yet    which they feel still excludes  them.

…  keep in mind that: Con men are MOST effective in their own ethnic groups where  they understand the grievances and dreams with the skill of a cultural  anthropologist. The CON is constructed to use both. So John Edwards understood  the poor white, Farrakhan the ghetto black, and Curley the big city Irish, and  Bernie Madoff, the upwardly mobile Jew.

If  Lipscomb is right, and I think he is, the black conmen will be effective in the  black community. But the attacks on Bain and Romney’s business  acumen seem to be far less effective to a broader audience.

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