by Christopher Santarelli

The U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development closed Friday in Rio de Janeiro after having brought 100 world leaders and more than 45,000 people to Brazil to discuss reconciling economic and environmental aspirations. While the global summit itself has already cost tens of millions of dollars, world-wide adoption of far-reaching policy to address global warming may end up costing more. Glenn Beck sat down with several authors and analysts during his broadcast Friday who are skeptical of global warming and the effects of policy aimed at advocating green jobs. Twenty years ago the U.N. held the same summit in Rio that would give birth to a renewed enthusiasm in environmentalism and global warming awareness. The panel on GBTV Friday broke down the views and policy advocated by activists coming out of Rio in 1992, and how their predictions have proven to be inconsistent and extremely expensive.

“It is not a present reality, it’s a hoax” said Beck Friday. “The way the media talks about global warming is ridiculous.

“We know this from the science out in the open,“ Beck said in reference to ”climate-gate,” the hacked email account scandal in November 2009 that exposed American and British climate researchers emailing one another about the manipulation of data to support the view that climate change is caused by humans. The authors of some of the emails said skeptics took their messages out of context.

“Green is the new red,” proclaimed Beck Friday. “This agenda is not about the environment. It’s an attempt by the Left to hang a smily face on the same statist policies they’ve been pushing for decades.”