As the first of our Freedoms comes under direct attack by the HHS mandate Americans everywhere face losing the religious liberty our founders sought to protect.  Patriots across this nation have yet another challenge…to preserve that most basic Freedom of Religion as the rightful legacy of all generations of free Americans.

In our churches and synagogues too many citizens don’t know the details or even the existence of this mandate.  They are unaware of the destruction to our religious liberty effected by forcing all employers to provide contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs to their employees.  No exception is made for the conscientious objection of employers like the Catholic hospitals, charities and schools even though the well known  doctrines of the Catholic Church would be violated.

You can help to preserve religious liberty by working to initiate, in your own church or synagogue, a group whose purpose is to advocate for freedom of religion.  The group would advocate for no party or candidate but would be focused on educating and empowering your faith community about our first amendment rights, the details of the HHS mandate and its violation of America’s religious liberty.

Below are files of suggested materials to initiate this group. The files cover talking to your minister, pastor or rabbi about forming an advocacy group, the materials for an initial meeting, a handout for the meeting and talking points for Freedom of Religion.

Some groups have already been started and are planning second and third meetings. The concern, determination and resourcefulness of those attending is turning into actions to educate others and to determine what actions will best preserve this most basic constitutional right.

Patriots know that the attack on one church’s liberty is an attack on all.  If this mandate is allowed to stand no faith, no freedom will be secure.  As our soldier sons and daughters stand in harm’s way  for our freedoms we must stand here for America’s Freedom of Religion.

Download below these proven, simple instructions to start a group in your church. Also find a manual of these and additional resources to work within your congregation at:

Advocating for Religious Freedom KR Proposal to Initiate a Group

Advocating For Religious Freedom KR Initial Meeting Suggested Outline

Advocating For Religious Freedom KR Talking points

Advocating for Religious Freedom KR Handout