by Randall Hoven

Wondering  where things stand on global warming?  Let’s go to the science of it.   And by “science” I mean physical observations.  Nothing complicated.   What do thermometers say?  What’s happening with polar ice caps?   And carbon dioxide?

In  the following analysis I use publicly available data as provided by government  scientists at places like NASA, the U.K. Met office, and NOAA.  This is the data we’re told to use  and trust.  I’m using it and trusting it.

Measured  Temperatures.  The two charts below show recent global temperatures (NASA/GISS  data) in units of hundredths of a degree above the 1951-1980 average.  The  lines are linear regression trends for the extent shown.  March 2012 was  the most recent month of data at the time of writing.

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