We have just experienced a Major Milestone in our quest and commitment to Reclaim the Goodness and Greatness of America. It started in Orlando with Glenn’s Revival at the UCF arena, elevated to the National level with 8-28 at the Mall in DC and now to the World with Restoring Love at Cowboy’s Stadium. The previous two set the scene and opened our eyes – Dallas allowed us to confirm our commitment. No one came to find out what it was all about – they came to deliver – now and forever!! This was the start of the Third Awakening of America.

In a pre-event extravaganza on Thursday 7/26/2012, Freedom Works brought together a conservative minded audience and packed 16000 of them into the American Airlines Arena for the FreePac event. The crowning jewel was the invitation to members of the visiting 21 countries to come to the stage and meet America. They did and received a much deserved standing ovation. They were in America to witness how the Tea Party movement has moved America and begun the restoration and security of our basic constitutional freedoms. Here they met the keynote speaker – GB – who closed the event using one of Rudyard Kipling’s most famous poems – “God of the Copy-Book Headings”. Standing ovations greeting many famous conservative speakers including Rev. C L Bryant who delivered one of the most stimulating speeches on America’s past present and future, combined with an overview to his monumental film project – the “Runaway Slave” – coming to cinemas across America this summer and fall.

On Friday 30,000 volunteers boarded hundreds of buses and headed out in morning and afternoon groups to serve the DFW area at 305 locations. These ranged from soup kitchens, retirement homes, churches, various civic service centers, to separate regional city departments and parks. Also – they loaded 14 tractor trailers with food and sent them out to 11 cities across America to provide food to the homeless and needy. You couldn’t miss us around the area since every volunteer wore a green florescent vest and served proudly.

On Saturday more than 90,000 packed Cowboy’s Stadium to share the night with Glenn. He took us back in history using priceless artifacts loaned to the event and dating back to the Tea Party, the Revolution, the Founding Fathers and the Civil War. These included Friberg’s original painting “The Prayer at Valley Forge” of George Washington kneeling by his horse, through to Abraham Lincoln’s original desk and chair. Other items featured were the blood stained wooden cross member from beneath a table upon which many a soldier was operated on in the field during the Civil War and one of the only 5 original Holy Bibles printed by the first Congress. These along with many other unique and pricless props were used by Glenn to bring our country’s history to the stage. He helped to lead us to the realization that those who fought and served before us did so that we could live in freedom. And that is why we must now commit and go forward to serve so that our children and their children will continue to enjoy the freedom that we now have. He showed us how important it is to preserve and understand history since it teaches one what to expect ahead. His speech – or more appropriately – his message came through loud and clear and was received by all in attendance with open arms and standing ovations. The last one lasting more than five minutes as he completed one of his finest yet.

Everyone left Dallas with a personal commitment to carry forward and serve. You can see the events via Freedomworks.org and GBTV.com

To view the speeches at FreePac go to:


For the Restoring Love event – try the free subscription to GBTV.com