ACTION ITEMS  will be posted here regularly to give Seniors, and all patriots, more tools for speaking out and making a difference. Check back often for new items.

America’s 36 million Seniors over age 65 and the 77 million Baby Boomers beginning to turn 65 know we have much to lose and we are losing it with awful speed.  Our liberty and prosperity are under siege.  We know what is lost to us may never be restored to our cherished children and grandchildren and so we are compelled to take action.

The 912 Super Seniors website and newsletters urge Seniors to reach out to other Seniors yet unaware of the facts of America’s new healthcare, the assault on our 1st Amendment freedom of religion, our right to assemble or the continuing denial of the use of American sources of energy, to name a few.

ACTION ITEMS  to give Seniors, and all patriots, more tools for speaking out and making a difference.

#1  912 Super Seniors COLA  Survey completed six months of price checking. on selected groceries and gasoline. Results are on the COLA tab here on the site.  We will be resuming COLA for the months of May, June and July, 2012.

#2  The Senior Pamphlet on our homepage asks if your doctor can afford to keep you…and gives  healthcare facts about the shortage of doctors and the cuts in care that will come from the new healthcare law. Seniors have been printing and spreading these facts all across the USA.

#3 The 30 second elevator speech. 912 Super Seniors in a local group in NY started to practice a talking point for when they are waiting in line at the grocery store, in a doctor’s office, running into an old friend or neighbor or riding in an elevator!

Anytime the opportunity presents itself a Senior should be ready with a fact or two about an issue that concerns them.  If you are concerned, others will be also once they hear the facts from you. Whether you choose  a fact from the Senior pamphlet on this site or a headline from the news about the deficit, unemployment, energy prices, or loss of religious freedom, start by practicing to your mirror, then your dog and cat and then a family member.

These encounters can lead to more conversation, plans to meet for coffee with another friend or two to discuss the issues, even an invitation to them to attend your next group’s meeting.  Use your social and networking skills and soon you will have others rehearsing their 30 second speeches until millions more Seniors are aware and informed.

#4  Powerful Healthcare Videos on You  Tube.  These are quick and highly informative about the myths and the dangers of the new healthcare law.

Come to Mom’s kitchen table for a salt and pepper shaker demonstration of some myths of healthcare reform.

Watch who is actually throwing Medicare, with Seniors in tow, off of the cliff.

#5  Work within your own church community to protect Religious Freedom from the assault against one church which, if allowed to stand, will embolden even more attacks on this and other freedoms.

To stand for America’s Religious Liberty follow what 912’ers and other volunteers have already begun.  Go to your Minister, Priest or Rabbi and ask to initiate a non-partisan group within your faith community to advocate and educate for 1st amendment Freedom of Religion.

Ask to schedule an first informational meeting for your church community to learn more about the HHS mandate and its effects on every church’s freedoms to practice its doctrines.

With no mention of any party or candidate, your fellow faithful Americans will gather in action to protect this 1st amendment right. Once they are informed and know that they are not alone in wanting to stand for Religious Liberty, your fellow congregants will decide  how to best protect and preserve America’s 1st amendment Freedom of Religion by working with those who worship with them.

All materials and information are here to make it as easy as possible to start this group in any church or synagogue anywhere.