by Keith Riler

When Barack Obama delivers on his threat to delay or withhold Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits, we should know why they were sacrificed.  Here is a list of about $2 trillion in select expenditures which the President could likely sacrifice to protect our elderly and veterans:

Beneficiary:                                                         Cost:

ObamaCare                                                                    $1.5 trillion

Planned Parenthood (annually)                                        $330 million

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac                                                  $145 billion

Amtrak                                                                           $1.9 billion

Unspent Stimulus/ War Chest                                          $60 billion

National Endowment for the Arts                                     $133 million

National Endowment for the Humanities                           $140 million

The Post Office                                                               $1.0 billion

Vacant Federal Properties $25.0 billion

Medicare Fraud                                                              $47.0 billion

National Broadband Coverage Map                                   $350.0 million

Federal Employee Flight Upgrades                                    $146.0 million

Beach Re-sanding                                                           $3.0 billion

Payments Not to Use Land (conservation)                         $2.0 billion

International Abortions/Population Control                        $650.0 million

Libya Kinetic Military Action                                             $750.0 million

Consumer Protection Bureau                                           $329.0 million

United Nations                                                               $6.4 billion

NPR/Corporation for Public Broadcasting                          $451.0 million

Renewable Energy Tax Credits (mostly wind)                    $6.9 billion

Tax Credits to IRS employees/Others                               $513.0 million

Federal Weatherization Programs                                    $5.0 billion

99 Week Unemployment Benefits                                    $100.0 billion

Total                                                                                $1.9 – 2.0 trillion.

Clearly, in tough times, choices must be made.  These are some of the choices Barack Obama and his party might favor over Seniors and veterans