Super Seniors Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of  The 912 Project

Thank you for visiting our new site. Please join us in celebrating the 5th year of The 912 Project founded by Glenn Beck based on the “togetherness of the nation” demonstrated on the day after the vicious terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Click here for a special Anniversary Message from the 912 Super Seniors founder, Barbara Samuells.

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Why should any senior want to visit this web site and sign up for Alerts?

In addition to providing a main source of information relating to 912 affairs especially relating to seniors we provide articles and contact information that we feel seniors would be particularly interested in. Whenever an article is published an Alert is sent to your email address.

It is not our intent to cover all news and current happenings in general since there are many web sites and internet sources that serve the daily delivery of voluminous information. Although we list many links to these sources for you to go to, we concentrate on issues that seniors will want to be alerted to.

We will keep you posted on issues and information but we also want to know what you may want us to include. Education, Empowerment and Action are two-way streets, so give us some Feedback using the Tab on the left.

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